Cocktail receptions are among the most popular events, allowing your guests to interact more freely, promoting a higher level of energy. From a menu perspective, cocktail parties offer bite size delicacies from a wide variety of cuisines.

WE SUGGEST choosing a variety of items from our menu that will please all your guests.

  • MINI DUCK TACOS - Shredded duck, marinated in hoisin sauce, topped with mango-papaya salsa
  • TENDERLOIN CROSTINI - French bread topped with artichoke spread, arugula, and filet mignon
  • BEEF SATE - Grilled skirt steak served on a bamboo skewer with teriyaki sauce
  • MINI WAFFLES & FRIED CHICKEN - Mini waffles served with fried chicken topped with maple syrup
  • CURRIED CHICKEN - Chicken with curried almonds, raisins, and mango chutney in a pastry cup
  • AHI TUNA SLIDERS - Seared Ahi and seasonal greens on Hawaiian bread with wasabi mayo
  • SUSHI - California rolls, spicy tuna, and salmon rolls served with wasabi, ginger, and soy sauce
  • SOUP SHOOTERS AND GRILLED CHEESE - Tomato soup in a shot glass with grilled cheese
  • ULTRA-THIN GOURMET PIZZAS - Thin pizzas baked on site with customized toppings
  • MAUI ONION TARTLETS - Mini pastry cups filled with brie and caramelized onions
  • MINI LATKES - Grilled potato pancakes served with creme fraiche and caviar or apple sauce
  • MOROCCAN CIGARS - Ground beef with Mediterranean spices deep fried, served with hummus