The best part of any meal  

When it comes to the final course of your event, we offer every a variety of freshly made desserts for you to express your style and tastes. This course can be offered to your guests in many creative ways. For those who like to try a bit of everything, we offer miniature parfait desserts served in mini cups and martini glasses. For a more bold expression, you can choose from a variety of whole cakes accompanied by tropical fresh fruit and berries. The possibilities are endless.


  • GELATO - Italian ice cream served in mini waffle cones
  • APPLE COBBLER - Baked apples served with toasted crumble and vanilla bean ice cream
  • GOURMET DESSERT BARS - Lemon bars, caramel pecan bars, brownies, and cheesecake bits
  • MINI PARFAIT DESSERTS - Lemon curd, red velvet, and chocolate mousse
  • FRESH FRUIT KEBOBS - Pineapple, watermelon, kiwi and berries served on a skewer
  • HAND-MADE BISCOTTI - Chocolate hazelnut, cranberry white chocolate, raisin pistachio
  • CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE - Chocolate souffle served warm with hand-made whipped cream
  • OUR WHOLE CAKES - New York cheesecake, Boston cream pie, coconut cake and many more
  • ICE CREAM SUNDAE BAR - Your choice of flavors served with fun toppings and hot fudge